A sound anamnesis as a basis

Orthopaedic technician at Seifert Technical Orthopaedics

Pain caused by foot malpositions is not uncommon. The reasons for this are manifold and often combined: Neglect of the foot musculature, sporty overload, wrong movement pattern, anatomical misdevelopments or wrong footwear.

In our exercise laboratory, we will be happy to advise you on possible therapies for the cycle of symptoms.


Looked closely!

Modern medical gait diagnostics is carried out with the aid of high-performance cameras and dynamic pressure measurement. For pain in movement, an analysis of the locomotor system is often the key to successful therapy. The interaction of static and dynamic analysis provides a deeper understanding of the cause of pathological movement patterns. Our aim is to offer you an individual therapy based on the knowledge gained.

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Through sensory feedback, our central nervous system is able to adapt the walking pattern to current conditions of our environment and our body with the help of muscles. With the help of sensorimotor insoles, this often too weak feedback can be stimulated and specific muscles can be strengthened or relaxed.



Our team attaches great importance to the quality of its advice. Through constant further training, we guarantee optimum advice and broad expertise.