The shaft makes the difference

Marcus Stimpfig, Managing Director
Master orthopaedic technician

Quality of life through mobility!
With great sensitivity and sensitivity, we create prostheses that are more than just a “tool”. Together with you we develop your supply that fits exactly to you, your requirements and individual needs. We include your everyday and leisure activities as well as professional challenges in our work. We live up to our claim to support them in their goal of leading a normal life!

Function and aesthetics combined

Thanks to our supply experience and the know-how in silicone processing, it is not only possible for us to restore the function in the best possible way, but also to meet the highest cosmetic demands.

Transtibial prostheses

…that they can enjoy their everyday life freely and without restrictions. This is our goal with every supply!

Look natural

They must be individual and tailor-made! The cosmetic aspect of every treatment is important to us!

High functionality

…if they climb onto other people’s roof because it is their workplace, we help them to move there as safely as possible.

Without compromise

They are full of life and there for others! Does your prosthesis have to be exactly tailored to your everyday life? Then you’ve come to the right place!

High End Prosthetics

New shaft shapes and prosthesis systems are standard for us. So that they can pursue their wishes and do not have to look for them!

Hip Ex Prostheses

Only individually designed and customized shaft adaptations combined with innovative joint systems and precise coordination of the structural design result in a successful restoration.


Sports dentures

Running, climbing, skiing or cycling. The requirements are individual and tailor-made. Further information about our sports prostheses here in our theme blog!

Pursue hobbies

Even with a handicap it should remain possible to continue the beloved leisure activity. The lack of finger length is often an obstacle, especially when playing instruments. A balance that is both visually and functionally supported is the optimal helper here.

Deceptively real

Individual finger, partial hand or hand prostheses, all have the same claim: to replace the “original” in the best possible way. Both functionally and aesthetically.

humeral prostheses

You decide what is the best possible restoration for you in arm prosthetics! We are happy to test all possible variants with you. Both in shaft construction and the selection of fitting parts!


It should be as inconspicuous as possible! We make every effort to fulfil this wish.

High Tech in the smallest space

As easy as possible, intuitive to operate and individually adapted, this is the only way for every prosthesis to leave our company!

Maximum functionality

Gripping, turning, guiding, raising the forearm and many other functions have to be replaced after an amputation in the upper extremity. The shaft plays the central role here and is the heart of every supply.

comfort factor

“I want to feel good, even when I’m wearing my prosthesis.”

Amputated and now? - what's next?

You’ve already been amputated, or are you about to undergo an amputation? Due to the many variants we offer you, get in contact with us and we accompany you during this time.

Why are there so many prosthetic feet?

There are currently over 450 different foot systems available on the market and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Your level of activity, your everyday life, your hobbies are as different as you are. “Her” foot should suit them best. A joint consultation helps to limit the possibilities, afterwards we recommend to test the feet in everyday life.

Doing sports with a prosthesis? - is that possible?

Have a look at our ThemenBlog or watch our channel on youtube.