Orthotics – Lower Extremities


We are proud to support Paralympic champion Roland Gäss. He has participated in six Paralympic Winter Games, won six medals, including one gold, and successfully competed in several World and European Championships. His outstanding performances in cross-country skiing and biathlon enrich his impressive career as a disabled athlete.
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Polio, a disease that affects individuals from childhood. Through years of experience and specialization in the field of polio orthopedics, we create a supply concept that allows you to explore new paths.
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Sometimes the appearance of an orthosis plays a significant role. Whether elegant, striking, or subtle – there are no limits to the visual design.


The development in orthopedic technology is progressing at an ever faster pace. Our drive is to give you the opportunity to experience progress.
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The handling of an orthosis needs to be learned. We are here for you and accompany you with your first steps – and beyond.

Lucia is forging her own path.

Despite being paralyzed, Lucia is fully engaged in life. With our swing and stance phase-controlled C-Brace orthoses, she can navigate stairs, ramps, and uneven terrain.
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Type 4 with carbon spring

The carbon spring orthosis evolved from prosthetic technology. Due to the tremendous restoring forces of the spring, not only walking becomes highly dynamic, but running is also possible. Our client successfully participated in the Paralympic Games with it.

Type 4 with dynamic ankle joint

By strong leaf springs in the joint, both the muscles involved in lifting the foot and those involved in lowering it are supported, enabling safe walking.

Type 6 with carbon spring

The thigh sleeve supports or corrects knee instability while the carbon spring adds dynamism. A good combination for safe and active walking.

Type 8 with dynamic ankle joint

Extremely lightweight, yet stable and efficient. Your thigh orthosis will become a helpful part of your life!