Prosthetics – Upper extremities


Custom finger, partial hand, or hand prostheses, all share the same goal: to replace the “original” as best as possible. Both in functional and aesthetic terms.


“I want to feel comfortable even when wearing my prosthesis.”


Grasping, turning, guiding, lifting the forearm, and many other functions need to be replaced after an amputation in the upper extremity. The socket plays the central role here and is the centerpiece of every fitting.


What constitutes the best possible arm prosthesis for you is your decision! We are happy to test all possible variations with you. Both in socket construction and component selection!


As light as possible, intuitive to use, and individually tailored — this is how every prosthesis leaves our facility!

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As inconspicuous as possible! We do our utmost to fulfill this wish for you.

Silicone prostheses: Lifelike comfort factor

The advancement in orthopedic technology has led to revolutionary developments that have improved the lives of many people. At Seifert Technische Orthopädie, we are at the forefront of these innovations, especially when it comes to silicone prostheses.

Silicone hand prostheses

These prostheses are highly realistic replacements designed to mimic the shape, feel, and sometimes the function of a natural hand. Through detailed moldings, individual color adjustments, and fine detailing such as veins and skin folds, we achieve a lifelike appearance. These prostheses not only offer a convincing aesthetic appearance but also provide some protection for the stump and can even enable basic grasping movements.

Silicone partial hand and finger prostheses

For those who have lost parts of the hand or individual fingers, our prostheses offer a nearly seamless restoration of the outward appearance. With integrated joints for improved mobility and a individually matched color tone, differences to the natural counterpart are often barely noticeable.

Full arm silicone prostheses

For complete arm loss, these prostheses represent an impressive combination of aesthetics and function. They encompass the entire remaining area and offer a lifelike appearance through careful color matching, skin textures, and individual features.

Lower arm prostheses: Where technology meets quality of life

The forearm is an essential part of our daily movements and activities, from simple grips to complex tasks. A loss of this area can have profound impacts on an individual’s daily life and confidence. At Seifert Technische Orthopädie, we pride ourselves on offering advanced solutions in the field of forearm prosthetics aimed at restoring quality of life and functionality.

What are forearm prostheses?

Forearm prostheses serve to replace the missing part of the arm, typically from the elbow to the hand. These prostheses can be purely cosmetic, focusing on a lifelike appearance, or they can be functional prostheses that enable movement and gripping ability.

Operation and technology

Modern forearm prostheses combine biomechanical principles with innovative technology. They can:

Be myoelectrically controlled, where sensors pick up the electrical signals from the remaining muscles and translate them into movements of the prosthesis.

Mechanically operated prostheses, where movements from other parts of the body are used to activate the functions of the prosthesis.

Adjustment and comfort

A successful prosthesis requires individual customization. At Seifert, we emphasize that the prosthesis is not only functional but also comfortable to wear. This means that we take careful measurements and adjustments to ensure that it fits well, protects the stump, and prevents skin irritations.

Quality of life and rehabilitation

With the right prosthesis and training, users can resume many of the activities they were engaged in before the loss of their forearm. This includes not only everyday activities but also hobbies and sports.

Upper arm prostheses: Redefining freedom and functionality

The upper arm plays a crucial role in our mobility and how we interact with the world. A loss of this body part can have significant impacts on our independence and daily life. Therefore, Seifert Technische Orthopädie has made it their mission to optimize the quality of life of those affected by providing the best solutions in upper arm prosthetics.

What are upper arm prostheses?

Upper arm prostheses are designed to replace the missing part of the arm from the shoulder joint to the elbow. Depending on the needs, these prostheses can be designed to restore a natural appearance, or they can be aimed at maximum functionality to give the user a high level of independence.

Technology and innovation

In today’s world, upper arm prostheses are characterized by an impressive level of technological advancement.

Myoelectric prostheses:
These prostheses interpret the electrical signals of the remaining muscles through sensors and convert them into movements. They often enable more intuitive control and finer movement sequences.

Body-powered prostheses:
By using cables and joints connected to other parts of the body, users can move their prosthesis.

Individuality and customization

The key to a successful prosthesis lies in individual customization. Bei Seifert legen wir großen Wert auf eine genaue Passform, die nicht nur Funktionalität bietet, sondern auch Komfort garantiert. Through regular checks and adjustments, we ensure that you are always optimally cared for.

Rehabilitation and reintegration

With the right prosthesis, training, and support, users can achieve a high level of independence. At Seifert, we accompany you through the entire rehabilitation process, from the first step to full reintegration into everyday life.