Seifert Technical Orthopaedics

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“Movement through orthopedics” – whether prosthetics or orthopedics, we are the specialists in the field of large orthopedics! Empathy, competent advice, up-to-date specialist knowledge and high quality demands on our work are our daily challenges. Our confirmation is your progress in mobility.

The new C-Brace – now available!

Discover a new generation of orthoses with us! People with symptoms of paralysis in the legs up to incomplete paraplegia can walk in flowing movements again with the help of the latest technology. Are you interested in a consultation? Please feel free to contact us! 07633-802230!

award from ottobock.

We are very proud and proud to have been named a partner company from the very beginning.

The world market leader ottobock. presented the certificate to Seifert Technische Orthopädie as a thank you for the good and close cooperation during and after the development period of the C-Brace orthotic system.

Play with us!

On 13 October 2018 we will be active again!

Come to our Table tennis event!
For more information call 07633-802230

Help for Dalmatian Gino!

An unusual task was waiting for the technicians of Seifert TO.

A paralysis orthosis for dog Gino – now he’s running again!

Who we are?
Look in!

At present, a highly specialized team of 20 orthopedic technicians and masters forms the core of the company. Divided into individual specialist areas, we face the challenges they present to us! True to our motto: “Movement through orthopaedics”. Immerse yourself in our world of orthopaedic technology and let us inspire you!

Innovation at Seifert!

The revolution in impression technique for prosthetic sockets!

With the innovative Symphony Aqua System the loads on the residual limb in the prosthesis socket are recorded under actual conditions.
Due to the optimal hydrostatic pressure of this technology, the individual body weight is transferred to the residual limb surface in the best possible way and absolutely evenly.
With great success we have been working with this system since the beginning of 2016 !

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